On June 18-20, Lefancaps® attended the CPHI Shanghai 2019 and let the exhibitors and audience know its constant efforts to produce global leading HPMC capsules.

Lefancaps® has insisted on the research and development of HPMC capsules on the key indicators that customers are concerned about, that is, appearance, filling rate, safety and stability, weight deviation control, the release and dissolution curve for different applications like pharmaceutical products, nutrition and dietary supplements.

(1) Appearance. The appearance of HPMC capsules can be enhanced by optimizing the smooth surface, increase transparency and decreasing bubbles on the capsules.

(2) Filling rate. The separation force, locking force and disengagement force are the top 3 factors impacting the filling performance of HPMC capsules.

(3) Safety and stability. The safe, stable HPMC capsules shall be non-GMO, non-animal origin, free from pesticide residue, sourced from pine wood fiber, with a Vegetarian Certificate and in accordance with the requirements of USP and EU Pharmacopoeia.

(4) Weight deviation control. Customized capsule weights like ±1mg, ±2mg, ±3mg shall be provided according to the customers requirements.

(5) Study on the disintegration and dissolution curve of HPMC capsules for patented and generic drugs are significant for better drug absorption and treatment. The table below is a dissolution curve of Lefancaps samples in Ranitidine Hydrochloride Capsule, Sanofi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

With these constant efforts on the study on key factors of HPMC capsule quality, Lefancaps® HPMC capsules apply well to the pharmaceutical, nutrition and dietary supplements and are capable to exhibit its global leading HPMC capsules with attractive appearance, excellent filling rate, strict weight deviation control, good stability and safety, and widely application in multiple fields on exhibitions.