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Gelatin Capsule-DR

Lefancaps offers Gelatin Capsule-DR for specific and targeted drug delivery. Made from high-quality gelatin and available in a range of colors and imprinting options, our capsules meet strict quality standards for pharmaceutical use.

Gelatin Capsule-DR for Targeted Drug Delivery

Gelatin capsules are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the encapsulation of various types of drugs. Lefancaps offers a range of Gelatin Capsule-DR (Delayed Release) options to meet the specific needs of different formulations.

Our Gelatin Capsule-DR is designed to release its contents in a predetermined time frame after ingestion, allowing for a targeted drug delivery. This is particularly useful for drugs that are sensitive to stomach acids or enzymes, or that need to be released at a specific site in the gastrointestinal tract.

Our Gelatin Capsule-DR is made from high-quality gelatin derived from collagen, and meets all the strict regulations and quality requirements set by the food and pharmaceutical industries. We offer a wide range of color options and imprinting possibilities to meet your branding and product identification needs.

Choose Lefancaps Gelatin Capsule-DR for your drug delivery needs and ensure targeted and effective drug release.