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Discover H-caps®-Liquid, the specially designed hard capsule by Lefancaps for liquid filling. Made of high-quality pharmaceutical-grade materials, H-caps®-Liquid ensures secure and leak-proof packaging for various liquid formulations.

Secure & Leak-Proof Capsules for Liquid Filling

H-caps®-Liquid is a specially designed type of hard capsule manufactured by Lefancaps® for liquid filling. With its one-piece structure, it eliminates the risk of leakage and ensures that the contents are securely sealed. H-caps®-Liquid is made of high-quality pharmaceutical-grade materials that are safe and stable for various liquid formulations.

H-caps®-Liquid is suitable for a wide range of liquid formulations, including oils, suspensions, and solutions. It is an ideal choice for dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical products that require precise dosing and convenient administration.