About Lefancaps®

  • We are working in the empty hard capsule industry.
  • We are a part of human being healthcare.
  • In Lefancaps®, we are committed to optimizing our products and services based on the principle of safety and health.
Lefancaps®, established in 2001, is a professional empty capsule manufacturer and service provider with floor area of 378,000 square feet. Our entire manufacturing facility was constructed according to the latest FDA, cGMP 100,000 Grade standard. We hold the enterprise license for pharmaceutical production and production license for hard capsules. We have multiple production lines to ensure the timely delivery per every customer’s requirements. Lefancaps® follows ICH Q10(2008), ISO 9001(2015), IPEC-PQG GMP(2006), 21CFR111 and NSF/ANSI 173 Section 8 to optimize its quality management system. The company has passed a series of international verifications, including NSF-cGMP, DMF (G-caps), DMF (H-caps), ISO9001 (2015), ISO14001 (2015), ISO45001 (2018), Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, TGA, etc. The Company has a bulk of R&D team, facilitating co-R&D and promoting product users. The products have been exported to over 20 countries, recognized by related pharmacy, dietary supplement industry
Fundamental Studies

Fundamental Studies

Stability, compatibility, method development, study on capsule dissolution, and development / application of functional indexes.

Water Treatment

  • Secondary hyperfiltration water restriction technology.
  • High standard RO purified water system.
  • In compliance with USP, the system realizes full automation and online pasteurization, making the purified water conductivity no more than 1us/cm and the TOC no more than 500PPB.

Weight Deviation Control

  • Capsule weight inspection machine will precisely weight each empty capsule and finished products piece by piece.
  • According to the setting value, the machine will screen out capsules within the qualified weight range and reject the capsules beyond the qualified limit.
  • Suitable for capsules inspection of all categories and specifications, and the maximum weight precision is ±1mg.

Visual Inspection

  • 100% full inspection.
  • 360° inspection of each capsule, free from any blind angle.
  • Provide empty capsules in uniform colors.
  • Provide capsules with almost no apparent defect.

Banding Machine

Capsule banding machine will provide capsules with the following:

  • Avoid leak of liquid, powder, and even odor.
  • The special-color band will make your product unique. When you choose a transparent colorless band, it will be invisible.
  • Professionally anti-fake, so as to protect your products.
  • Isolate from the gap between capsule cap and body, so as to better protect ingredients from moisture permeability and oxygen permeability.

Capsule Exterior Dimension Measurement

Inspection of capsule appearance and specification:

  • Touch-free visual imaging detection.
  • High precision, and the minimal reading is 0.0001mm.
  • Automatically fast and precise identification.
  • Programmatic setting, avoiding man-made error.
We are committed to adhering to the Six Sigma Principle to minimize variability, improve the quality of our process and lead us to the ultimate goal of having the highest quality products.