On May 7th-9th ,2019, Lefancaps (Jiangsu) participated in the VITAFOODS EUROPE in Geneva, Switzerland. VITAFOODS EUROPE is is the place where the nutraceutical industry come together to create innovation, connect with business leaders and find effective solutions covering the entire nutraceutical supply chain – from ingredients to shelf.

This year witnesses the tremendous growing market of ingredients and nutraceutical products. At VITAFOODS EUROPE, Lefancaps (Jiangsu) displayed the capsule engineering system, the highest quality empty hard capsules, technical innovation, international verification, etc. The product combination of capsules plus a capsule filling machine and capsule elevator reached a better effect than ever, attracting over 50 customers from Europe, South America, North America, North Africa, etc.

There will be more innovation to come from the plantbased sector, especially within sports nutrition and a one-stop customized service will be a tendency in the future nutraceutical market. Lefancaps(Jiangsu) provides a variety of capsules, including traditional gelatin capsules, HPMC capsules, pullulan capsules, plenty of functional capsules and customized services to meet customers requirements.