United States Nutrition and Environment Protection Association Officer said nowadays health-focus public are seeking for plant-based, natural and green products. ” Green” products are booming. Therefore, he highly recommended natural pullulan capsules to the public, as the demand for healthier, greener, vegetable capsules keeps increasing.

So why do we prefer Natural Pullulan Cap®?

1. Designed for health-conscious consumers and dietary supplement market

With no artificial chemicals, pesticides or preservatives, Natural Pullulan Caps® is their best alternative for consumers looking for safer and healthier products.

2. Environmentally friendly and green

Both Veggie capsules and Natural Pullulan Caps® are plant-based. But compared to the artificial chemicals Veggie capsules, Natural Pullulan Caps® is greener for it’s a new degradable biomaterial, natural fermented, and brings less pollution to the environment.

3. Cost-effective, no increase in production costs

Natural Pullulan Caps® unit price is determined by fermentation volume. The more fermentation, the lower price. With more consumption, it can be similar or even lower than HPMC-used Veggie capsules.


Natural fermentation from sugarcane.

Why Choose Lefancaps®?

Patentable products, green, healthy and high quality