On Nov 5-7, Lefancaps® participated in the CPHI worldwide 2019 at Congress Center Messe Frankfurt, Germany which uniting over 45,000 visiting attendees and 2,500 international exhibitors. The exhibition representing each stage of the pharmaceutical supply chain – from APIs, machinery and packaging to outsourcing and biopharmaceuticals.


As a global leading HPMC capsules manufacture, Lefancaps® provide a greener choice of life to the customers. Our HPMC capsules which is with Different formulation, have the advantages as follows: 1) Safety of raw material, we only use fibers in accordance with USP and EU pesticide residue testing requirement. 2) Filling suitability, we monitor the surface smoothness, outer diameter, length, roundness, strength, locking force and separation force to ensure the capsule filling effect. 3) Higher transparency, which is attributed to high-quality raw material and complete production process. 4) Differentiated formulation selections provide multiple choices for users.

Lefancaps® are part of human being healthcare would committed to optimizing our product and service based on the principle of safety and health.