Ever since its establishment in 2001, Lefancaps® has always been adhering to the concept of “Health Business First, Profit Second”, and pays more attention to serving the health industry and contributing to the community rather than purely pursuing profits. We are committed to producing safe and healthy empty hard capsules, so as to satisfy the demand of dietary supplements consumers for green, natural, healthy and organic products, in compliance with the prevailing Clean Label Concept.

What is Clean Label?

With the advent of Health Era, an increasing number of consumers, especially those in Europe and the United States are more concerned than ever before with their personal health and well-being. They favour chemical-free, additive-free, and natural dietary supplements. At the same time, they demand that the ingredients are honestly and transparently described on the dietary supplement facts.

Specifically, Clean Label is described as below 3 aspects:

  1. Ingredients: Natural, organic, safe, free of additives, preservatives, pesticide residues, allergen, and GMO;
  2. Supplement Facts: simply, easy to understand, and all the ingredients are listed;
  3. Manufacturing Process: simply process; transparent, true and trustworthy.

Lefancaps®’ Clean Label Portfolio:

Lefancaps®’ Clean Label products are plant-based, free of additives, allergens, GMO, starch, and gluten as well as certified Kosher, and Vegetarian. 

  • H-caps®

H-caps ® Capsules are made from hypromellose that originates from pine tree fiber,free of GMO and residues risks. The capsules are plant-based, so it is free of potential BSE/TSE risks and crosslinking and Maillard reaction risks. Meanwhile, they are Kosher and Vegetarian verified, applicable to most consumers regardless of cultural, religious or dietary boundaries. Its low moisture content and resistance to brittle make it more suitable for moisture-sensitive or hygroscopic drugs or nutritions, like Bifidobacterium and herbal extracts.

  • Natural Pullulan Caps®

Natural Pullulan Caps® capsules are made of Pullulan and other natural ingredients through a natural fermentation process. So the capsules are natural, organic, safe, and free of additives, preservatives, pesticide residues, allergen, and GMO. At the same time, among all the plant-based capsules, Natural Pullulan Caps® capsules have excellent oxygen barrier and moisture humidity barrier properties, which can better protect the APIs and enhance the bioavaibility.

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