AAPS(American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) 2019 PHARMACI 360 was held On November 3-6,2019 at San Antonio, Texas, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, which provides a platform for exchanging pharmaceutical scientific knowledge and is committed to boosting and spreading pharmaceutical-science related knowledge globally, including development, design, analysis, manufacturing, quality controlling, safety and preclinical evaluation, pharmaceutical management, distribution, usage and drug delivery system. Lefancaps®, as a global leading empty capsule manufacturer, provides products and solutions of the highest quality for pharmaceutical companies and promotes differentiated empty hard capsules with different release time, which obtains attractions and cooperation intentions of many companies. 

Its products can be divided into gastric capsules, acid-resisting capsules (able to make drug delay released in the stomach) and enteric-coated capsules(able to protect acid-sensitive ingredients from influencing in the stomach). Empty capsules with different materials and formulations will react distinctly in different dissolution drug media.

Dissolution of capsules

  • Dissolution test

ranitidine hydrochloride(0.15g)

basket method,100r/min 

  • Test of acid resistance of capsules


basket method,100r/min ,

0.1 mol/ L hydrochloric acid solution as dissolution medium

  • Enteric capsule

rabeprazole sodium

Pulp method,100r/min

Liquidcaps (raw material: gelatin) is the capsule with the fastest dissolution speed, which can dissolve drug quickly within 2 minutes.

Gelatincaps (raw material: gelatin) can release and dissolve drug within 5 minutes. 

Capsules dissolving drug within 10 minutes: H-purecaps (HPMC empty capsule). Capsules dissolving drug within 15 minutes: H-caps(HPMC empty capsule)、P-caps (Pullulan empty capsule). Capsules dissolving drug within 40 minutes: X caps (Delayed-release capsule).

Capsules dissolving drug within 2 and a half hours: EG-caps (Entetic gelatin empty capsule). Capsules dissolving drug within 2.5 – 3 hours: EH-caps(Enteric-coated HPMC empty capsule).

In terms of capsule appearance, according to defection controlling indications, Lefancaps® use intelligent visual image system to inspect on each capsule appearance and ensure almost no defect. 100% full inspection to identify each capsule at 360°with no dead angel. Through these methods,  

Lefancaps® globally leading veggie capsules are sourced from natural HPMC and suitable for vegetarians and vegans; Low moisture and anti-brittleness; High filling rate, ≥99.5%; Precise weight deviation control, e.g. ±1mg, ±2mg, ±3mg, , ±4mg, able to provide customized weight for customers; Without any specific requirements, able to use same filling machines and moulds as gelatin capsules; Free from crosslinking reaction, safe and healthy; Non-GMO, free from pesticide residue and preservative.