At Lefancaps®, we are a sci-tech enterprise with focus on R&D, manufacturing and service of empty shell capsules. With extensive experience in this industry, Lefancaps provides customized empty capsule products and services to meet your unique needs in the development of new drugs, generic drugs or functional foods with hard capsule dosage form solutions.

In the pre-clinical research stage of drugs, using our expertise in material and technology, we help you make the drug dissolution process to achieve the expected design and to be consistent with the patent drugs based on your dissolution demand and specialty usage when the empty capsules dissolve. At the same time, we help you achieve the expected functions in liquid filling, inhalation, animal safety studies etc.

The functional empty capsules that we’ve developed have been widely used by scientific research institutes.

  • H-caps®-pure (with no gelling agent)
  • H-caps®-DR
  • H-caps®-enteric
  • H-caps®-DPI
  • Gelatincaps-liquid
  • H-caps®-liquid
  • Gelatincaps-preclinical
  • H-caps®-preclinical

Please feel free to contact us if you have any demands on hard empty capsules from the pharmaceutical or food industry.