Lefancaps® is a professional manufacturer and service provider of hard capsules which founded in 2001, seeks safety, health and high-quality.

Lefancaps® maintains stable raw material suppliers from Rousselot and Gelita who share common concept with us. Even in the situations of “2008 Financial Crisis”, “Toxic Capsule Scandal“ and “COVID-19”, Lefancaps® keeps the original faith to produce high-grade capsules without reducing cost.

Lefancaps® producing process is scientific and steady, trying not to add chemicals. Its manufacturing facilities was constructed according to newest FDA, cGMP and D grade (100,000 grade) recommendations. All the staff in Lefancaps® are safe and healthy. Lefancaps® also has warehouses in US, Eu and Asia Pacific to ensure continuous sufficient hard capsules delivery.

Lefancaps® is not affected by COVID-19 and has confidence to provide a reliable supply of safe, high-quality hard capsules to consumers.