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Pre-clinical pharmacokinetic studies are critical to the evaluation process of pharmaceutical R&D and provide an important basis for evaluating pharmaceutical formulation properties and quality. Preclinical capsules are designed for performing pre-clinical trials and ideal for animal testing of the oral solid drugs in pre-clinical animal studies. They can display the dynamic change rule of drugs in vivo, provide the basic pharmacokinetic parameters, and clarify the process and features of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.

  • Small size, easy for oral delivery of small and middle-large size animals in trials;
  • Dual-snap ring tightly locking the caps and body to avoid splitting;
  • Mask any potential sensory irritation, like unpleasant tastes, orders, or digestive tract irritation of the pharmaceutical actives on test animals;
  • Lefancaps® Preclinical capsules allow multiple material choice like gelatin or hypromellose, which makes preclinical capsules to be consistent in the clinical trials and commercialized phase; For any special requirements for materials or dissolution, Lefancaps® also provides customized formulation R&D for our customers.
Gelatin or Hypromellose.
  • Designed for microdose capsule pharmaceutical research;
  • Designed for compound drug delivery like capsule-in-capsule delivery system;
  • Designed for the animal studies in pre-clinical research laboratories.