Lefancaps® has successfully showcased its variety of food supplement capsule options at the annual CPHI Worldwide 2022, taking place in Frankfurt on Nov 1-3. This event has united more than 2500 international exhibitors from 170+ countries and approximately 45 000 professionals.

As a professional manufacturer and service provider of hard capsules, Lefancaps® held a booth at 80K61 and showcased its 14 types of empty hard capsules, made of gelatin, HPMC or pullulan. Meanwhile, regarding to the EU ban on TiO2 as food additive and people’s increasing demand on clean-label products, Lefancaps also showcased its food supplement capsule option.

These product portfolio includes:

  1. 14 Types of Empty Hard Capsules
No.Product NameTypeRemark
1Empty Gelatin CapsulesGelatincapsStandard capsule
2Gelatincaps -LiquidLiquid filling
3Gelatincaps -PreclinicalPreclinical trial
4Gelatincaps -MUIMUI Halal
5Gelatincaps -DPIDPI
6Vacant Hypromellose CapsulesH-caps®W/ gelling agent
7H-caps®-PureW/o gelling agent
8H-caps®-DRDelayed release
9Enterosoluble Vacant Hypromellose CapsulesH-caps®-EntericEnteric
10Vacant Hypromellose CapsulesH-caps®-DPIDPI
11H-caps®-LiquidLiquid Filling
12H-caps®-PreclinicalPreclinical trial
13Vacant Pullulan CapsulesP-caps®Standard capsule
14Vacant Pullulan CapsulesP-caps®-OrganicOrganic

2. Food Supplement Capsule Option

    (1)Clean-label capsule porfolio

The above clean label capsules are free of artificial additives, allergens, GMO, TIO2, Kosher or Halal certified.

(2)TiO2-Free capsules

In order to meet the growing demands of the customers and new titanium dioxide-free requirements for foods in the European Union, Lefancaps® has launched a series of empty capsule solutions that do not contain titanium dioxide but still with the effect of light blocking, including empty gelatin capsules, vacant hypromellose capsules and vacant pullulan capsules.

(3) Natural colorant capsule

With customer preference and awareness of “natural”claims, Lefancaps® lauched capsules ultilizing natural dyes, like chlorophyll, carotene, etc.

These capsules appealed to a lot of visitors to our booth and if you would like to find more information, click our website: https://lefancaps.com/ or contact us by email at [email protected]