Pullulan empty capsules are prepared by using Pullulan as the main material and suitable excipients. Pullulan, fermented by microorganisms, is selected as a raw material for Pullulan empty capsules to control pesticide residues and genetically modified risks. Currently, Lefancaps® Pullulan empty capsule has passed USDA Organic Certification.

According to the definition of NOP(National Organic Program) of USDA(United States Department of Agriculture), “organic” refers to the products are manufactured through approved methods, using the combination method of organism, microorganism, mechanical to promote resource recycle, keep the ecological balance, and enhance the variety of living creatures without using synthetic materials, sewage sediment, irradiation and genetic modification technology.

In order to provide customers with safer, healthier products, Lefancaps® optimizes high quality standards and receives USDA Organic Certification for Pullulan Empty Capsule on June, 2019. Through the on-site inspection and sample inspection by OFDC(Organic Food Development & Certification Centre of China), a third-party organization authorized by USDA, the production process of Pullulan empty capsules is in compliance with the requirements of US National Organic Program 7 CFR Part 205.

The implementation of USDA Organic Certification for pullulan empty capsule is a manifestation of Lefancaps® optimization of product safety and quality, as well as a remarkable identification for customers who intend to choose safer, greener and healthier products. As promised, Lefancaps® will always be committed to providing customers with safe, healthy products.