Lefancaps®, a professional manufacturer and service provider of hard capsules, holds a booth at AAPS Pharm Sci 360 on October 17-20, 2021. AAPS Pharm Sci 360 is an exhibition which showcases exhibiting partners’ products and services, and provides a platform for exchanging pharmaceutical scientific knowledge and scientific programs.

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At this exhibition, Lefancaps® will provide differentiated empty hard capsules of animal and non-animal source and multiple functions, especially for its new arrival—preclinical capsules—specifically designed to support the needs of preclinical and clinical trials.

Preclinical trials are critical to the success of new formulations. In order to meet the needs for microdose capsule pharmaceutical research, compound drug delivery, and animal studies in pre-clinical labs, Lefancaps® developed these preclinical capsules to support humane testing programs with their advantages like:

  • dual-snap ring tightly locking the caps and body, avoiding splitting;
  • remaining consistent with later enlarged drug formulation.