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Since its establishment, Lefancaps® completely selects the safe and healthy raw and auxiliary materials. In recent years, along with the people’s gradually keen to natural and green products, Lefancaps®’ emphasis has also been adjusted.
HPMC, derived from pine fiber or cotton fiber. We just adopt pine fiber, risks for transgene or pesticide residue etc. shall be avoided, and health concept shall be advocated.

Be able to be dissolved in stomach, be able to rapidly disintegrate in stomach to release drug. 

Pure plant origin, without BSE/TSE risk, avoiding risks brought about by gelatin cross-linking reaction, and suitable for vegetarianism crowds; low water content without brittleness; special process only with HPMC. Disintegration is faster than H-caps, and it is beneficial for drug to release in the stomach rapidly.
Applicable to most drugs, especially for drugs sensitive to moisture or with strong moisture absorption.