Nutrition & Dietary Supplements Applications

Gelatincaps -DPI H-caps®-DPI

Featured List Low moisture control, achieving powder delivery demand, recommending to use HPMC DPI capsules Reduced powder adhesion to the utmost Excellent puncturing performance, regular puncture, no crack and no residue Providing customized weight capsule manufacturing Strict limit on microbial index Materials Gelatin or Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC). Function Used for dry powder inhaler Achieves good …

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Gelatincaps -Liquid H-caps®-Liquid

Featured List Specialized structure design Capsule material formulation specially developed for ingredients Multiple raw materials for choice, such as gelatin, HPMC, Pullulan, enteric-coated material, etc. Providing advanced supporting equipment and encapsulation service Materials Gelatin or HPMC Function Ideal container for liquid or semisolid preparation at present.


Featured List Since its establishment, Lefancaps® completely selects the safe and healthy raw and auxiliary materials. In recent years, along with the people’s gradually keen to natural and green products, Lefancaps®’ emphasis has also been adjusted. Materials HPMC, derived from pine fiber or cotton fiber. We just adopt pine fiber, risks for transgene or pesticide …

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Featured List Low oxygen permeability, able to better protect ingredients Brighter surface Free-from pesticide residue, non-GMO, non-animal origin Free from the crosslinking risk of gelatin capsules Excellent filling rate Customized weight standard Materials Pullulan, sourced from sugarcane and free from a generic modification(GM) problem. Function Dissolve in the stomach to release drugs, not absorbed by …

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Featured List Different formulation, multiple choices for users Low moisture, to keep ingredients more stable Anti-brittle, more suitable for hygroscopic ingredients Good stability, free from cross-linking reaction Excellent filling rate, able to get close to or reach the filling performance of gelatin capsules Weight variation control, similar to gelatin capsules, providing customized capsule weight Free …

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