Customize your Capsules for CRO/CMO/CDMO

Preclinical Capsules

Featured List Pre-clinical pharmacokinetic studies are critical to the evaluation process of pharmaceutical R&D and provide an important basis for evaluating pharmaceutical formulation properties and quality. Preclinical capsules are designed for performing pre-clinical trials and ideal for animal testing of the oral solid drugs in pre-clinical animal studies. They can display the dynamic change rule …

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Gelatincaps -Liquid H-caps®-Liquid

Featured List Specialized structure design Capsule material formulation specially developed for ingredients Multiple raw materials for choice, such as gelatin, HPMC, Pullulan, enteric-coated material, etc. Providing advanced supporting equipment and encapsulation service Materials Gelatin or HPMC Function Ideal container for liquid or semisolid preparation at present.


Featured List Since its establishment, Lefancaps® completely selects the safe and healthy raw and auxiliary materials. In recent years, along with the people’s gradually keen to natural and green products, Lefancaps®’ emphasis has also been adjusted. Materials HPMC, derived from pine fiber or cotton fiber. We just adopt pine fiber, risks for transgene or pesticide …

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Featured List Different formulation, multiple choices for users Low moisture, to keep ingredients more stable Anti-brittle, more suitable for hygroscopic ingredients Good stability, free from cross-linking reaction Excellent filling rate, able to get close to or reach the filling performance of gelatin capsules Weight variation control, similar to gelatin capsules, providing customized capsule weight Free …

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